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Reach Your Peak!

We've been a bit quiet over the summer, mainly due to the ever-relentless summer heat, but a couple of weeks ago we embarked on our first trip of the season, to the imperious Jabal Akhdar mountains of Oman.

This was no normal trip however, this was the #ReachYourPeak adventure weekend, born from the great guys at the MO4 PR agency, and in collaboration with the stunning Alila Jabhal Akhdar Hotel. Along with 12 other lucky adventurers we were fortunate to not only stay at the amazing Alila resort and explore the dramatic landscape around it but also take part in some awesome activities along the way.

After meeting everyone at Adventure HQ we soon headed out to the desert, traveling in style courtesy of Ramy 4x4 and they're awesome range of Jeep Wranglers. We were soon strapped in to some dune buggies and for the next couple of hours got the blood pumping with some extreme action in the red dune desert. We'll mention no names, but Kareem Hosem even managed to flip his buggy...to the disdain of his co-driver Max Of Arabia ;)

A few hours later (and we mean 'few' in the loosest of terms) we eventually made it through the border and to the Al Hajar mountain range where Alila Jabal Akhdar is located. It's an amazing drive up to the hotel, which is nestled 2000m above sea level, and overlooks a sheer and dramatic gorge. It's hard to describe how awe inspiring the views are, it's so vast and epic you really have to experience it to feel it.

The following morning we were getting strapped in again but this time into some harnesses for a little vertical adventure down the mountain. First off we were abseiling down the cliff face into the gorge which if you haven't done it before is definitely a must do! It's a little adrenaline rush and there's just something really cool about being in control of how fast you let yourself drop, maybe drop's the wrong word, ...lower yourself down to the bottom.

Next up we were rock climbing back up the cliff face, which was certainly quite a bit more challenging. Eventually we managed to make it to the top though which felt great, and just before the rains set in too (Yes, it's not too irregular to get some refreshing afternoon rains in the Hajar mountains!).

After working up our appetites an amazing picnic lunch was waiting for us at the top of the cliff with yet more amazing views into the canyons, prompting the phones, selfie sticks, GoPros and all types of cameras to pop out in unison ;) Getting in the calories was a wise move as little rest was awarded before everyone was straight onto some mountain bikes for a 'mostly' downhill route through the mountain. The rains started to kick in a bit more but luckily we were soon back at the hotel and enjoying some luxury bath time in the stunning rustic rooms.

The next and final day was all about relaxing in the hotel, taking in the breathtaking views and exploring the nearby surroundings. It started with a great early morning yoga session hosted by the extremely talented Jessica Olie, which depending on your experience and body condition was probably either very relaxing or very painful. But pain in a good way of course!

The Infiniti pool overlooking the canyon is definitely a highlight, as is just taking a walk around the resort to find different viewpoints. A bit of yoga/calisthenics/gymnastics experimenting with the dramatic views in the background can also be a lot of fun, but we'll leave the serious stuff to the experts. Taking photo's can be extreme enough when you're that close to the edge!

If you would like more info on the hotel or the surrounding activities available simply visit their website here or email them on jabalakhdar@alilahotels.com. It's a trip we highly recommend with a beautiful hotel and incredible views as well as lots of activities on offer to keep you happily entertained during your stay.

We would like to give special thanks to Alila Jabal Akhdar Hotel, MO4 Network, Ramy 4x4, Baschir Wagih and the 12 adventurers we had the pleasure of taking part in this experience with: Aimee Chango, Carly Rothman, Jessica Olie, Max of Arabia, Abudi Al Sagoff, Sherif Fayed, Maz Hakim, Amy Kitchingham, Ghida Arnaout, Gemma Cheung, Two Tone and Tanya Haroun.

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