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Visit Nepal, Help Nepal

On April 25th Nepal experienced its first earthquake of 2015. Although media attention has died down since then, if not gone away altogether, unfortunately the dire situation Nepal found itself in as a result of the earthquake has not.

Since that first earthquake hundreds of aftershocks have hit the area. Tens of thousands of people have fled their homes and are living in makeshift shelters, unable or too scared to return to their damaged homes.

Make no mistake about it, Nepal is a country that is still in crisis. For most people it is thought that the best way to help crisis hit countries is through donations and financial support, but an equally – if not more – effective way to help out is simply to take a trip over there and just be a tourist.

In April of 2014 we were lucky enough to take a trip to Nepal where we met with Beyond the Limits trekking company who would be taking us on a tour of the area. Although only there for 5 days, we did and saw so much and all with a great group of people.

In 5 days we managed to take in the sights of Kathmandu, white water raft the Trisuli river, trek around Pokhara and Ghorepani (including Poon Hill at 3210m) and even paraglided around Sarangkot! For the vast distance we covered and the amount of activities we did it felt a lot longer than 5 days…in a good way! :)

Nepal is a dramatically diverse landscape and although its scenery is maybe the primary attraction, and deservedly so, it is the people who make the trip such an amazing and memorable experience. It’s not often that you meet individuals that are so kind and generous, and always in such good spirits, despite the lack of visible wealth that they live by.

Since the first earthquake in April we have of course been in touch with our friends at Beyond the Limits, and fortunately none of them were seriously injured from the quake or aftershocks. The majority of their homes, however, were destroyed leaving them to get-by with makeshift shelters. They’re not asking for money or donations. They’re simply asking for tourists to come and visit Nepal so that they can work to make enough money to rebuild their homes and take care of their families.

Of course financial donations can go a long way, but if you’re thinking about where your next trip might be this year then we urge you to consider Nepal. A beautiful country in desperate need of the support to rebuild its tourist industry, it is the people visiting, taking photos and sharing content with their family and friends on social networks, which gives the people of Nepal a kind of value that money can’t buy.

Even if you’re not going to visit Nepal anytime soon, if you could share this article then that’s a good way of helping too! :)

If you would like to get in touch with Beyond the Limits Treks to see what kind of packages they can offer, you can email them on info@treksinnepal.com or nepalguide@hotmail.com, or you can also visit there website at www.treksinnepal.com.

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