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3 Tips to beat the crowds at Petra

1. Visit during the summer months

Controversial I know, but consider the fringe months of June and early September. Yes it will still be hot, but manage it correctly and you could have the ruins all to yourself.

We visited Petra on June 7th and although this is the start of the off-season, we couldn’t believe how lucky we were to be walking some of the Petra trails virtually on our own. Stumbling across amazing ruins, without seeing another person for at least 15 minutes, is worth a little bit of heat compared to fighting the crowds and selfie sticks in a bid to capture great photos during the winter! Plus the majority of you, our readers, live in the UAE and Oman so we know you can take a little bit of heat ;)

We discovered this ruin and didn't see another soul anywhere near for over 20 minutes

2. Plan the time of your visit carefully

During the hotter months the majority of people leave between 6am and 8am and get tired by early afternoon. Our advice is to go at about 9am, meaning you reach the treasury by 9:30 when it's likely to be a lot quieter and still not too hot. Be sure not to skip pass the treasury as the sun leaves the face of it in the afternoon making the morning the best time for photos.

Our advice would then be to continue up the 850 odd steps to the monastery. You'll need to be in fairly fit condition to do this, but the views and seclusion when you reach the top are definitely worth it. After that it would be best to take a long lunch break to avoid the midday heat. The majority of early morning risers will have left by mid-afternoon, leaving you the cooler hours leading up to sunset to explore the area in relative solitude.

We had this stunning viewpoint of the monastery all to ourselves!

3. Hit the trails off the beaten track

You would be surprised how few people actually do this. It doesn’t really matter what time of day it is, if you stick to the main path only you'll always be in the company of other people. If this is how you like it, then great! However if you’d rather explore a few of the more ‘off the beaten track’ trails, there is a lot to offer and most have far less people on them.

We did a couple of trails where we didn’t see another person for about 15 minutes. It was a bit worrying actually as we started to wonder if we’d somehow ventured off into the unknown. But luckily there are signs along most of the trails to help you to navigate your way around.

As hopefully you can see from our photos, at times we really did feel like we had this amazing ancient city all to ourselves. So if you’re thinking of planning a trip to Petra and would also like to beat the crowds, following these three simple tips will certainly help you do that.

For more inspiration and information about visiting Jordan you can visit the check out the Visit Jordan website here.

Wild Arabia would like to thank the Jordan Tourism Board for their generosity in organising this trip and hosting us in their beautiful country.

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