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A fruitless fishing trip turns into an incredible encounter

It was supposed to be a normal fishing trip to Fujairah. Mahi Mahi, otherwise known as Dolphin fish, and Dorado (due to the golden colouring), were on the mission list to be caught and brought back to Abu Dhabi for a fish feast that night.

The Greenslade brothers, aka the Fishfecker boys, are no strangers to early morning fishing trips, having grown up chasing and catching all sorts of fish. However, something was different about their trip to Fujairah last weekend. The fish weren’t biting despite the moored ships at Fujairah normally teeming with activity.

A storm had passed through a few days previously and stirred the water up, with a large amount of plankton and other tiny organisms clouding the water compared to the normal crystal blue waters Fujairah has to offer. It was hard to figure out where the fish were. The brothers were debating with each other whether they should move to a different spot when suddenly they saw a huge shadow circling the boat. Getting over the initial shock of thinking Jaws was about to unleash a bloody attack, the characteristic spots quickly helped them identify it as a harmless whale shark.

The guys couldn’t believe their luck! ‘It was quite a young whale shark and yet seemed to be so comfortable and relaxed around us’ said Martin, the eldest of the two brothers. ‘We were just lucky we had our masks and GoPro with us to capture such an awesome experience’. The whale shark stuck with them for around 20 minutes before slowly drifting off to potentially surprise some more unsuspecting fisherman.

Wow, what a truly amazing experience! Follow the fishfecker brothers on Instagram @fishfeckers for more fish related adventures.

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