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How to take the ultimate SUP selfie with a GoPro

You only have to look at all the selfie sticks and people rushing down mountains with cameras on their helmets to realize how GoPro have revolutionised the way people take photos and video. The stunning travel and action shots on the likes of Instagram and Facebook only serve to fuel the revolution and desire for that ever elusive ‘perfect shot’. But how do you take a great action shot with a GoPro?

We've had a GoPro Hero 3 for a couple of years now (still just about managing to fight the temptation to upgrade to the GoPro 4!) and what we've found is that we're constantly learning and experimenting with ways to take great photos. Compact and versatile, the GoPro is the perfect camera to take out when exploring the waters on our paddleboards, with its effortless ability to capture a variety of depths and angles. So, although we’re still learning ourselves, here’s a few things we’ve learnt about taking shots from a paddleboard:

1. Choose the right mounts and placement.

This is critical in the planning and framing of your shot. You have to have practiced and have enough experience with a GoPro to know how much of your body will be in the shot from where you mount it. One of our favourite ‘selfie’ positions is mounting the GoPro right at the front of the board, and then tilting the camera up slightly back towards you.

Fixing your GoPro onto the very front of your board with a surf mount can make for some great shots

2. Don’t use a selfie stick, the paddle works perfectly.

A paddle makes for an excellent replacement for a selfie stick and means you can work your board normally without having to lug a selfie stick onto it with you. All you will need is the GoPro roll bar mount to attach to your paddle and off you go!

3. Be experimental

Some of the best shots are taken when simply experimenting with new mounts, angles and positions. For instance, try throwing your GoPro up in the air (only recommended to do this with the float accessory! to get a great shot from above. Or whilst attached to your paddle, dip it underwater for a cool effect. Keep practicing and experimenting and soon enough you’ll nail that perfect shot you’ve been after! ​

Kids throwing their GoPro into the air for a great shot. Photo courtesy of SpikyShots

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