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Masirah Island Resort, the perfect base to explore Masirah

Before we arrived in Masirah we essentially had two objectives:

1. Learn to Kitesurf in the perfect lagoon that is situated on the West side of the island.

2. Explore the rest of the island to see exactly what this unspoiled landscape had to offer.

Therefore when we were invited by Masirah Island Resort to stay at their beautiful hotel for a couple of nights, post our awesome 2 day kitesurfing course, it became the perfect opportunity to help us achieve our second objective.

Transferring from the Kiteboarding Oman campsite to the luxurious Masirah Island Resort was quite a step up and one that, after a couple of day’s hardcore kitesurfing, was pretty exciting!

The hotel itself is ideally situated on a stretch of sandy beach where turtles make regular overnight visits to lay their eggs. Inside the hotel is almost a museum-like shrine to the turtles and wildlife of the island, filled with information and artefacts from the surrounding area. For an Omani hotel this respect for the environment is particularly progressive, especially when many other resorts fail to consider the natural attractions that their location may have to offer.

The hotel is full of useful information and artefacts

The room we were given was of ample size and decorated tastefully with a great open balcony overlooking the amazing pool, beach and distant mountains yet to be explored. The staff were extremely friendly and always ready to help and greet you with a smile on their face.

After a delicious breakfast on the first morning it was time to explore the island. We drove around the east coast of the island first stopping off at numerous places where we trekked short distances for better views, and explored the pristine beaches with their clear waters.

Check out those truquoise waters!

With a host of isolated sandy beaches lapped by stunning turquoise waters, the island is also dotted with shipwrecks just waiting to be discovered, as well as numerous and seemingly abandoned fishing boats, and very old (but very cool!) cars. With a varied and quite hilly terrain, there are loads of unexplored routes perfect for trekking, as well as what seems to be a fairly large population of camels nonchalantly strolling across the road in front of you!

The remains of an old shipwreck that was unfortunately burnt down recently

Roaming camels are common on the island

There's numerous trekking opportunities for stunning views

In the south of the island is an amazing abandoned village situated directly on a stunning unspoiled beach. In this spot the sand seems even whiter and the water even clearer. Next to it is a small lagoon also ideal for kitesurfing in the afternoon when the winds pick up.

The view from one of the huts in the abandoned village. Not a bad view to wake up too!

The abandoned village

Overall we really enjoyed our stay at Masirah Island Resort and it really is the perfect base to explore the island, with an abundance of information and maps all made readily available before you set off. The island itself also has much to offer with something for everyone. So if you’re thinking of taking a trip there this summer (the temperatures are generally cooler than the UAE and Muscat) then with any luck the photos below will help confirm your decision!

Click here for directions on how to get to Masirah Island.

Map of Masirah Island

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