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WAR 9!

"The first 5km was brutal!"... this was what everyone was saying about the latest Wadi Adventure Race (WAR 9) which happened on Saturday April 25th and is almost certainly the final obstacle race of the season.

Why was it so brutal you may want to ask. The combination of energy sapping heat, the dreaded sand bags and running on unforgiving sand would be most people’s answer. However at the 5km mark is generally where all the fun started, with water obstacles being the pick of the bunch. Running across turned over rafts was a particular highlight, an obstacle you don't get to experience at other races, and one that every single runner seemed to have a smile on their face for whilst doing.

WAR 9 is as you might have guessed the 9th installment from the guys at Wadi Adventure meaning they've got their course and operations running at a pretty slick level now. The atmosphere was great with an excellent warm up routine and all categories getting off the mark on time as planned.

The race included over 24 obstacles across a distance of 10kms and is a slightly higher difficulty level than that of the Sand Pit Run which we also had the pleasure of running the week before. At the end of the race a ceremony for the winners was held as well as an inclusive food buffet for all participants, which goes down excellently for all the hungry and tired bodies scattered around.

All in all WAR 9 was a fun and very well organized race that ends the obstacle running season in great fashion. If you want to get involved in the next one it hasn't been announced yet so just keep an eye on their Facebook page until it's announced for after the summer. See you at the next one!

Source: All photo's courtesy of Wadi Adventure Race

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