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Surviving the Sand Pit

On Friday of last weekend it was time for the latest instalment of obstacle courses in Dubai, The Sand Pit Run. Unlike some of the other obstacle based events in the UAE the Sand Pit does not consider itself a race, but more of a challenge that can be overcome with teamwork. Consisting of a 10km run and 15 obstacles it's certainly not a challenge for the faint hearted. So to see what it had to offer the Wild Arabia team took on the Sand Pit Run to check it out!

Located in Al Barari, you're immediately lulled into a false sense of security. Whilst driving in you begin to think you're entering into a relaxing tropical world of greenery and plantation. But then as you arrive at the starting point, it hits you. A sheer vision of sand and a monumental dune to overcome as one of your first obstacles!

Right away the teamwork element comes into play as you urge each other on and discuss the best strategy to overcome some of the obstacles. Some challenges are so physically demanding that you actually need one of your team mates (or just someone else running the course, everyone was more than willing to help!) to enable you to get through it.

Throughout the course we found people from different groups and teams helping each other out and I think the camaraderie and the friendly atmosphere that the Sand Pit carves out for itself is what sets it apart from other similar events.

Brilliantly organized throughout, it’s clear to see that the Sand Pit has put a lot of work and emphasis on the safety and wellbeing of its runners. I barely remember a point in the course when a safety marshal wasn't visible, with water also being regularly available throughout the whole course. This is something you might think is standard but actually where other UAE events have fallen short, and it's The Sand Pit that's showing them how to do it properly.

At the end of the race everyone was visibly on a high and I think it's a fair generalization to say that everyone who ran the Pit ended up having a brilliant time. It was a hugely enjoyable course and one that’s made even more fun if you manage to persuade a few of your friends to run it with you. So if you missed out on this one, don't worry, there's another one coming up in November and we highly recommend it!

If you want to get involved in the next Sand Pit Run it will be held on November 8th at Al Barari and you can find more information on their website - www.thesandpitrun.com

Source: Photo's courtesy of The Sand Pit Run and Body Language

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