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That one time, when we tied a rope to an old boat in Oman..

On a recent camping trip to the Musandam in Oman we had three things. A boat (and a fairly old one at that). A rope. And a wakeboard.

So what did we do? We put all three together of course! And what a fun combination it was!

It was tough getting up at the start as the boat felt heavy and slow, but once up the calm waters and breathtaking scenery made it one of the best riding experiences I've had. And definitely the most memorable. We even passed by a pod of dolphins at one point!

Of course the snagging of the rope as it slided down the boats bar prematurely ended quite a lot of our runs, but the majority of us managed to negotiate around it and had an absolute blast!

Here's to taking one step closer to the visonary dream of wakeboarding in the same wake as a pod of jumping dolphins :)

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