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Delicious healthy eating for an active outdoor lifestyle

In todays fast paced climate it’s not always easy to look after your body and feed it the healthy and nutritious fuel that it requires. Fast food and cheap delivery services, catering largely unhealthy and far from fresh meals, are more easily accessible than ever.

Step in, Love Food.

Love Food is a Dubai based healthy meal delivery service that is looking to revolutionize healthy eating across the city. Love Food positions itself as offering an affordable solution to the dilemma of eating delicious, innovative meals that also pack a nutritional punch.

And what a delicious and healthy punch it is! We were lucky enough to taste a sample of what Love Food have to offer (see tantalizing images below) and now we’re all hooked.

The health benefits of Love Foods offering is hard to argue with as every snack or meal is completely derived from nature with no processed food, added sugar, GMOs, additives or preservatives. What’s used is only the freshest local organic produce and free range grass fed meats.

Wild forest granola with vanilla & date scented almond milk

Love Food offer three very distinctive meal plans with each plan designed carefully to suit the different stages of every consumer’s goals. The plans on offer are as follows:


  • This is Love Foods Paleo (Paleolithic) diet. An all-organic nutrient dense anti-inflammatory meal plan is one hundred percent gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, GMO free and SOY free.


  • This plan is full of wholesome ingredients which are free from added sugar, low GI and is packed full of nutrition.


  • This plan is suited more to the active person (and therefore hopefully most of our readers!) and is jam packed full of protein and essential phytonutrients.

Mixed nut energy bar, cherry vanilla lavendar

So if you’re looking for a healthier and more active lifestyle we highly recommend you check out Love Food. Their meals are not only delicious but they’re also affordable and will leave you feeling like you can go out and run that trail, surf that wave or climb that mountain :)

For more information visit www.lovefoodme.com or contact Claire on the details below.

Claire Falconer

Business Development Manager, Nutrionist

+971 50 875 4677


Stuart Walton

Managing Director, Head Chef

+971 50 193 7436


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